Dr Ramani – alleviating patients’ sufferings


Dr Premanand S Ramani will be felicitated today on the occasion of his Platinum Jubilee, by Governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo in the distinguished presence of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. 
Dr Ramani, who was born on November 30, 1938, in the village of Wadi, near Ponda, has been a topper right from childhood, be it learning Portuguese in record time, topping his class unfailingly, or coping with changing schools, friends and living away from his mother at a very young age. A positive attitude that took all obstacles in its stride, and an untiring capacity for relentless hard work and determination saw him rise from his small village school, to the district college, then to medical school in Bombay and from there to higher education abroad.
Coupled with this thirst for knowledge, was the passion to make breakthroughs in the grey areas in medicine and surgery at the time, which made him choose neurosurgery over more well-trodden paths of medicine. A desire to ease the pain of patients suffering from disorders of the spine especially where no such care was easily available, made him give up promising prospects abroad and return to his motherland to serve his countrymen and help alleviate their pain and suffering.
Among his pioneering efforts was the establishment of an up-to-date neurosurgery department in the Sion Hospital in Bombay, several breakthroughs in surgical techniques that helped minimize the perception of pain and suffering till then associated with neurosurgery, mastering and patenting techniques such as PLIF, IDSS, Anterior Cervical Fusion and Transoral Surgery. 
Dr Ramani's thirst for knowledge is matched only by his desire to share that knowledge with as many doctors, students, medical practitioners and even the public at large. Teaching is in fact one of his favourite activities. An extremely soft-spoken and mild-mannered man, he has been ably supported in his arduous but equally spellbinding journey in the field of medicine and life in general, by his wife Pratima, a sociologist by training and now the lady of the house. That is the man, the doctor and the son of Goa who is being felicitated today. [H]