Dry Cocnut Chicken

Dry Cocnut Chicken

Introduction :

Chicken cooked in a thick dry coconut gravy


Ingredients :

2 Lbs. OR 1 Kg Chicken, cut into pieces
2 finely chopped Onions
2-3 finely chopped tomatoes
2 tbsp. of Oil
Salt according to taste

To be ground to paste without water:
2 tbsp.. Coconut, grated (Fried in a little Ghee (clarified butter)/oil until brown)
2 tbsp.. Coriander seeds
2-3 thin sticks of Cinnamon
6 pieces of Cloves
3 big Onions
8-10 flakes of Garlic
A small piece of Ginger
1/2 tbsp. Saffron powder
8-10 nos. of Red chilies
A handful of Coriander leaves


1. In a vessel heat oil and fry onions till brown. Then add the chicken pieces, chopped tomatoes, salt and stir on low fire for 10 minutes.
2. Add the ground masala and the masala water. Cook the chicken curry until quite dry.

Serve with Serve with Naan or Kulchas