Dust pollution making life miserable for Taleigao villagers

Life has become a nightmare for the people living along the road leading to Taleigao market from the TB Hospital junction as they have been forced to breathe and eat dust even though the work on laying the sewage line has already been completed around three weeks back.

The work on the sewage line laying has been completed but the road has not been tarred as a result of which the dust gets blown into the houses and shops along the road, as a result of which scores of people’s health has been affected with many of them suffering from cold and some with respiratory problems.

A few residents of the area said that they have been forced to live with the situation wherein the dust was entering their houses day-in and day-out for the last three months ever since the work on the sewage line laying started. The situation was alright till the work was completed as the dust would seldom be blown into the houses by the air that blew and there was no movement of vehicular traffic.

The residents of the area further said that till the road was thrown open for vehicular traffic their problems were not as many except for the fact that they had to walk distances to reach their homes through the dusty road and the occasional blow of dust due to windy conditions in their houses. [NT]