Dusty, messy Christmas for Calangute residents


It will be a "messy christmas" for residents of Calangute, with various works being undertaken during the festive season along the Calangute coast.
The works taken up barely days ahead of the Christmas festival has not only generated heavy dust in the area, it has also led to disruption in transport and communication services and angry residents have questioned the timing of the various works.
“In some cases, approach roads have been cut due to road-widening work, but telephone lines have also been cut in the process. While we welcome development, especially widening of the narrow roads, we cannot understand why these works were taken up during the Christmas festival,” remarked a resident of Calangute.
“We had painted our house for Christmas but the dust generated due to these works has dampened our spirit. Even though we do not reside near the road, the road-widening work has led to so much of dust that even our kitchen has a thick coat of dust. These works could easily have been taken up after the New Year,” the resident added.
When contacted, Calangute MLA Michael Lobo insisted that the works were necessary for the development of the village.
“The development, especially the road-widening work, is a much-needed project. There are different peak tourism seasons throughout the year, such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, etc. So, when are we supposed to carry out these developmental activities,” asked Lobo.
“I fully agree that the roads are “dusty” during Christmas time, but we cannot avoid development, considering the congestion of roads during the peak seasons.”
“When development works are taken up, people complain that these works are being undertaken during the season. If these works are not taken up, these people will then criticise the government for ignoring development,” said the Calangute MLA. [H]