EBA recognises Mormugao as best managed


Is Vasco a reputed city with dynamic development, high investment and tourist potential, in addition to an attractive image? 
Apparently so, according to a UK-based group Europe Business Assembly (EBA) which has awarded Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) as the best managed city and its chief officer as the best city manager. The awards, which have come as a surprise to politicians and residents alike, will be presented to the MMC and the chief officer Agnelo Fernandes at a two-day summit in Switzerland.
In an e-mail to Fernandes, EBA has stated that it is pleased to inform Fernandes the results of Complex Investment, Tourist and Recreation Opportunities Survey of world travel destinations, which was organised by EBA Analytic Centre (Oxford, UK) in 2012-13.
“Your (Fernandes) region was marked for its dynamic development, high investment and tourist potential in addition to attractive images. The Socrates Committee has nominated your municipal council and you personally for the prestigious international award in the sphere of city on Mormugao Municipal Council in recognition of the city reputation, the effective management of the city, its constant growth and its attractiveness to tourists,” stated the e-mail.
The e-mail further stated that the awards function will be held at Swiss Summit of Leaders on July 1 and 2 at Montreux, Switzerland. The summit will be attended by municipal council heads, travel market operators, developers, investors, HoReCa goods and services producers, businessmen, financers, diplomats, leaders of chambers of commerce, business associations, business and professional unions from more than 30 countries.
“Fernandes will have a unique opportunity to hold a promotional campaign for the region, attracting new tourists, partners and broaden his international relations,” added the e-mail.
Speaking to Herald, Fernandes said he was not aware of EBA’s visit and he was surprised that MMC and the city have awarded as the best city and the municipal council by the EBA.
“I am thrilled when I first got their call informing me about the prestigious awards. MMC is the first municipal council in the State to get such an international award,” said Fernandes.
“This is a team work and MMC administration and councillors are part of the achievement,” added Fernandes.
When asked how he will live up to the expectations of the EBA, Fernandes said he will restore all the natur­al springs in the port town and will urge the government to develop Vaddem and Baina beaches to promote tourism.
“I will also urge the government to restore some of the heritage structures in the city and take up planned development,” added Fernandes. [H]