Education Dept preparing report on sexual assaults


The Education Department is preparing a report, on the heinous incident of sexual assault that occurred at a school in the port town Monday morning. The report will be authored with director of education, D P Dwivedi who is due to visit the school and expected to ask the school management for its inputs.
"The report is being prepared by the director himself and he would submit it to the government once it is completed," assistant director, Anil Powar told media Tuesday.
According to the Education Department, though there are no guidelines about the safety of children at present, “once the child is in school s/he is in the custody of the school” and hence safety of children is the responsibility of the school.
Officials however, admit that now, with this incident acting as a catalyst and after the nation witnessed the horrific gang rape and murder of a 23 year old Delhi student, guidelines – with do's and don'ts or warning – would be issued to various schools and more measures would be undertaken to protect children.
However, officials said that it was not in their hands to take action against the headmistress but "action had to come from the management."
Meanwhile, Women and Child Development Minister Dilip Parulekar told media that schools should try and ensure safety and take precautions. Though reportedly, a a circular to the effect has been issued to schools in the state, some schools contacted said that they had not received it today. [H]