Education Dept to use Internet for better communication with schools


 In a bid to improve communication, while at the same time belatedly admitting that there is a communication gap between schools and their parent body, the education department has directed schools to submit their email addresses or website details. The government has also decided to supply 75 government high schools and higher secondary schools with digital copiers.
The circular states: "You must be aware that the directorate of education is implementing schemes and that many times circulars or notifications issued by the directorate do not reach the schools/ institutions…” thus creating hardships to the students or managements so “headmaster and principals of primary middle/middle/higher secondary schools should submit email addressed/or website details (if any) at the earliest to expedite and facilitate better communications from this directorate from time to time.”
All government schools have also been asked to free up space occupied by broken furniture by selling it off. The department has asked them to form a committee headed by headmaster “to get rid of unusable furniture blocking space in schools.” The furniture is to be sold and the money deposited in the government treasure. Process is to be completed within three months. 
“The furniture is occupying precious space in the school. In many schools even half the room is occupied with the unserviceable furniture and in the remaining portion of the room classes are going on,” says the circular, adding that as a one time measure the government has relaxed the relevant financial rules for the disposal of the unserviceable items.
The process is to be supervised by deputy directors of zones and ADEI and after 3 months a certificate should be given to headquarters by the schools that the unserviceable items are disposed of or that there are no unserviceable items to be disposed off, says the circular issued at the beginning of this month. [H]