Elvis opposes Mopa airport project


 The president of Canacona block Congress, Mr Elvis Fernandes. Came out strongly against the Mopa airport project, saying that lawmakers and elected representatives are misleading the common man on the issue of the Mopa airport.
He said, “We are reading and hearing from print and electronic media, statements from our lawmakers, who are elected by us, to make laws and policies for the welfare of Goans; however, it looks like they are concerned about the benefit of their own generations.”
Mr Fernandes said that around 2000 residents of Canacona are working abroad and send remittance of about Rs 126 crore annually to their families back home. He said that flying in at Mopa and then travelling to Canacona, which is a distance of about 180 kms, will be a nightmare, and that this would also affect other travellers from South Goa as well.
“Our future generation will ask us why we did not protest against the airport coming at Mopa when we had the opportunity and we will have no answer to give them,” said Mr Fernandes. He said further that the lawmakers are talking about dual airports and about making Mopa an export hub. He said that the simple question being asked is, “When Goa is totally dependent on other states for vegetables, fruits, meat, food items, machinery and other requirements, is Mopa going to be an export hub for other states?”
Mr Fernandes further opined that only export that is possible from Goa is of human resource, and if Mopa becomes the airport of Goa, then this will also get affected resulting in loss of revenue for Goa as a whole, as tourists will opt to go to Maharashtra. “Looking at this, Dabolim is a natural airport for Goa – ideally located – which benefits north as well as south Goa,” he reiterated.
The navy had promised us that devotees will be allowed to visit the shrine at Anjadive island, off the coast of Karwar, to celebrate the feast of Springs once a year; the navy has not lived up to its word, he said, and added that the same will be the case with Dabolim, if Mopa becomes a reality. [NT]