End LPG dealers’ monopoly: GOACAN


 In a letter to the Minister of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Dayanand Mandrekar, GOACAN has called for his intervention to end the monopoly of the LPG dealers and to stop the harassment meted out to consumers in Goa.
In the last two months, the problems of the LPG consumers have been highlighted by GOACAN in letters to the District Collectors in their capacity as Chairman of the respective District Consumer Protection Councils and the same has also been in highlighted the print and electronic media.
In its letter to Mandrekar, GOACAN states that the main grievance of the LPG consumers has been poor service and harassment meted out to them, particularly the housewives and senior citizens. There have been many cases of violations of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 as well as irregularities that come under the purview of the Marketing Discipline Guidelines 2001.
According to GOACAN, a closer examination of these cases has shown that the majority of them are linked to the dealers that have consumers beyond the permitted capacity as well as geographic limits.
‘Such a situation has resulted in the dealers not having the required staff and vehicles to provide the necessary service to the consumers,’ states the letter.
This consumer rights group is of the opinion that if the Oil Companies Marketing Plan is implemented then Goa would get at least 8 more dealers to provide efficient service to the consumers.
GOACAN is also of the belief that Goa has been wrongly classified as an Urban Area thereby restricting the opening of LPG dealerships under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitaran Yojana (RGGLVY). At a time when the LPG consumers have been requested to submit the KYC forms, it is also an opportune time for the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs to take immediate steps to rectify these matters by seeking the intervention of the head offices of the Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum as well as the offices of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas at New Delhi. [H]