ESG officials trying to cover up irregularities, alleges FFFG

The Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa (FFFG) has alleged that the officials in the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) are now trying to cover up the gross irregularities in the cultural programmes as well as contracts given to various contractors for stage, lights and sound, etc as organised during the International Film Festival of India 2012.

The FFFG also charged that there is an alleged scam of more than ` 5 crore involved in the IFFI 2012 cultural programmes organised under the title ‘Chitrashatabdhi’.

"The Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa demands that the government should immediately order a vigilance inquiry into the scam and take action against all those, who are responsible for the same," stated Mr Dnyaneshwar Govekar, the acting president of the FFFG in a press note released on Saturday.

"The FFFG also demands that all the papers and files pertaining to the IFFI 2012 should be sealed by the vigilance department so as to avoid any further manipulation in the records," he added.

"The ESG officials have not replied to the two RTI applications, which were filed on December 31, 2012 seeking details of various cultural programmes and contractors, who were awarded the works during the IFFI 2012," the FFFG press note mentioned, pointing out that this is in an attempt to cover up all the misdeeds and irregularities. "The ESG officials are now trying to create documents with backdated papers," alleged Mr Govekar. [NT]