Recognising that absence of basic infrastructure has been a major impediment to industrial development in Goa, the State government has proposed a ‘Goa Investment Policy’ with major emphasis on upgradation and development of world class infrastructure through public private partnership.
The government has also proposed an infrastructure act in the policy to ensure hassle free and quick development of infrastructure facilities in the state. Additionally, an infrastructure development board, for facilitating greater flow of funds into infrastructure sector, is also proposed among the proposals to boost infrastructure.
‘Goa Investment Policy’, a recast version of Goa Industrial Policy 2003, which aims at fostering significant industrial growth, especially in the field of information technology (IT) and tourism, by attracting global investors, is likely to be placed before the State Legislative Assembly at the forthcoming Budget session.
According to the policy, which is in the final draft stages, the main projects where PPP may be contemplated would include airports, water supply treatment and distribution, power generation, roads, bridges, bypasses, flyover, inland container depots and logistic hubs, information technology, tourism, health care, education, trade fair ground, convention centres, urban transport system, industrial parks, etc.
“The State envisions mega investments in the infrastructure sector for its economic growth. The Government shall make necessary budgetary provisions through its Departments and through private entrepreneurs under PPP frameworks especially in the areas such as power, water, gas, port connectivity, communication, quality human resources in ample numbers, etc,” the policy reads.
“A sound infrastructure is the backbone of a healthy economy. Availability of quality infrastructure and land are key factors to attract high end investment. Quality infrastructure is essential as it compliments a good policy environment. Therefore, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, it is proposed to provide quality network of roads, uninterrupted power availability, water, high speed data transfer internet connectivity, efficient logistic facilities, etc,” the policy added.
The government has said that it already possesses excellent infrastructure which include the high density network of roads, connectivity by rail to all parts of the country, an international airport (with another international airport in the pipeline) and a natural port. The State is also power surplus and has a strong transmission and distribution network which is being further modernized. There is ample supply of water. Efforts will be made to ensure timely and perennial distribution of water throughout the year. [H]