Explosion at Navelim destroys restaurant

 An explosion at a restaurant near Rosary Church, Navelim, had the Margao police and the fire and emergency services in action at 4am on Wednesday. They found the cause to be a gas leakage that shattered the interiors of the Carol and Family restaurant situated at Rosary complex.

Fire services officials have registered the case as a fire incident and estimated a loss of around 1 lakh while property worth 50,000 was saved. The Margao police said that the leakage was from the pipe that was connected to an empty gas cylinder and that the subsequent explosion was caused due to a vacuum created by the leakage of the gas.

Sources added that the the heat from the compressor of the fridge may have led to the explosion which caused all the glass inside the restaurant, including bottles, to shatter. The shutters of the restaurant were badly damaged as well. Witnesses said that one of the shutters got detached from the restaurant with the force of the explosion and the impact was so strong that it was flung to the opposite end. The police manning the Navelim nakabandi were first alerted about the incident when they got a call stating that the locals had heard a loud noise that sounded as if there was an explosion.

Fire services officials are also looking into the fact that a domestic gas cylinder was found at the commercial premises and stated that they would take action after the investigation. [TOI]