Failure of administration


The trashing of a man by a mob, thinking he was Tuyekar, the elusive alleged Assagao killer shows what will happen if the administration and the law fail. The emergence of fringe groups and mobs that can hold the government and people to ransom is all too common. It is time the government and its various arms start functioning with accountability and efficiency so that people will not be forced to take the law into their hands, and anarchy will permitted to reign supreme.
John Eric Gomes
Good to note opposition to Mopa
It is encouraging to see opposition growing to the unwanted second airport at Mopa. So far the government and specific Congress politicians/MPs are promoting a dual airport scenario without any proper economic/environmental feasibility report. It is important that said people now force their respective MLAs to stand up for them and reject the second airport at Mopa.
Arwin Mesquita
Tours galore, whither studies?
In this day and age, the old racket of study tours is not only a questionable drain on our exchequer and at a time when the country can least afford it, but is unpatriotic and can also be seen as another form of corruption. The Goa zilla panchayat's 18 members will reportedly fly to Port Blair to study development of powers. This is the second tour during the current tenure of the same chairperson, the last being Kerala-Kanyakumari to study ZP functioning. Records reveal that in the past, south Goa ZP members have gone on study tours to Kullu-Manali in Himachal Pradesh and other tourist states. Somebody in government has to sanction and approve these jaunts? Or do the CM and finance ministry have no say?
John Eric Gomes [TOI]