Fake official cars freely tour Vasco

It has now become a fad in the port town to display pseudo-official tags for private cars.

According to sources, the Vasco Traffic Police and RTO are yet to act on private cars sporting ‘Government of India’ tags on the number plates.

In one such instance, a car Skoda Laura (GA-06-D-9200) was found with a ‘Government of India’ taping on its number plate. It is learnt that there is another car in the city with a similar tag on its number plate.

style="margin: 0px; font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium; text-align: justify; ">When contacted, RTO Assistant Director Vinod Arlekar said he has not received any notification regarding the two mentioned vehicles.

“Only government series vehicles are allowed to have tags on their number plates stating ‘Govt of India’ or ‘Govt of Goa’,” he said.

“It’s a violation of the road permit rules and vehicle owners are liable for strict action. Even municipalities and PDAs are not supposed to write chairperson or chief officer on their cars as it is against the RTO rules.”

“In fact, there are some taxis used by naval officers for their official use with red beacon light, which is in violation of the Road Permit rules,” added Arlekar.

Arlekar further said that private vehicles which either use a red beacon or paint ‘Govt of India/Goa’ are illegal, as these vehicles do not belong either to the central or state government.

According to a source, any vehicle that features a red beacon or ‘Govt of India/Goa’ taping on the number plates should have the collector’s permission and this permission should be notified in the Gazette.

“Though authorities admit that such acts are illegal, they seldom act against the violators,” said the source. [H]