Famed Selaulim Dam a couples joint


The famed Selaulim Dam has been attracting people for varied reasons, but not all visitors are interested in the picturesque structure.
Locals have complained that the bushy areas around the dam are being misused by miscreants and young couples, while litter which includes used contraceptive packets is strewn all over the place.
“The area surrounding Selaulim Dam towards Xelpem village is covered with thick bushes and it has become a favourite place for young couples and youth,” said a resident.
“It is embarrassing to find young couples huddled together barely a few metres from the pathway frequented by villagers proceeding to their cashew plantations,” the resident added.
Adding to the local concern is the fact that a large number of plastic bags, empty bottles, sachets, used contraceptive packets and other waste is discarded all over the place.
“The extensive use of the open area surrounding the dam for such activities will not only tarnish the image of the Selaulim Dam, which is frequented by families along with children, but it can also lead to fights among youth and young couples visiting these places,” the resident added.
In fact, some couples were recently seen leaving the site on foot, after miscreants deflated the tyres of their vehicles. [H]