Farmers in Pernem being supplied water pumped out from rivers, ponds, lakes


The breaching of the Tillari canal at Sateli may have temporarily given some anxious moments to the farmers in Pernem as this is a time when various vegetable crops are grown in fields and disruption of water to these crops could plunge this farming community in deep crisis nonetheless the government has now made use of the state resources to provide irrigation to farmers.
There is a large farming community in Pernem and Bardez. The government is also keen on promoting horticulture so as to make the state self-sufficient atleast to some extent in vegetables. Stopping of Tillari water had left many farmers particularly in Pernem  high and dry.
Many farmers had even feared a worst outcome until a unique way was implemented  by the state government to help provide irrigation  to their fields. There are small rivers, ponds , quarries and lakes  in Pernem and Bicholim areas.
All these water bodies it is learnt have plenty of water. As per a unique way worked out by the state administration small diesel pumps have been  installed at these water bodies. These pumps are fitted with pipes which can provide water to a considerable extent of fields in the vicinity.
Some farmers feel that though this is temporary  arrangement, inspite of spending crore of rupees that have gone down the drain for Tillari canal which is sure to be a failure in the near future, the state government should  tap such water bodies by which with a less expenditure water can be provided to farmers and this could ensure the farmers of water.
Workers handling such pumps informed that they were in regular touch with the farmers and the farmers would inform them when they require water so that accordingly  the pump could be started.
One such pump was seen in operation at Ibrampur in Pernem where water was being pumped and supplied to fields from an abandoned stone quarry which had a great amount of water.
Farmers whose fields are being supplied with this water expressed satisfaction with the way that has been worked out by the state government to provide water to fields. [NT]