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Fatorpa slips out of Cong, BJP; may move into GFP fold

MARGAO: Slipped out of the hands of Congress and BJP, the Fatorpa Panchayat is now possibly going into the hands of Goa Forward Party (GFP).

Angered with the BJP over the reservation, sitting Sarpanch and a hardworking BJP foot soldier Sanzil D’Costa has severed his affiliation with the BJP now.

Since Babu Kavlekar has also not managed to get his men elected to the panchayat, Fatorpa is going the Goa Forward direction.

TCP Minister and Goa Forward mentor Vijai Sardessai has urged the panchas to join Goa Forward and then he would establish it as a Goa Forward affiliated body.

Vijai’s Fatorda constituency doesn’t have a panchayat. Therefore, taking over Fatorpa, which is an important panchayat in Quepem and managing to form a panchayat body will be a big achievement for Goa Forward.

MLA Babu Kavlekar, who is in total control of Quepem constituency, is not worried at the efforts of BJP to dislodge him from the seat for the last several elections.

Presently, Babu has total control over Betul, Khola, Morpirla and Avedem panchayats. The BJP has reportedly put in full force to capture the remaining three panchayats in Quepem and chances are that he may as these panchayats this time as well.

The BJP is trying its best to get back the Fatorpa Panchayat, but they have not been able to get to the former sarpanch and the newly re-elected Panch Sanzil D’Costa.

Meanwhile, the Goa Forward has shown keen interest in having Fatorpa affiliated to them and if that happens, it will be its first panchayat since its win in Assembly Election.

Sanzil D’Costa said, “The proposal of Goa Forward has come through one of my relatives and we are thinking over it. To develop the Panchayat areas we have to take some party’s affiliation and Goa Forward is a part of BJP government in the State.”

Meanwhile, Vijai said that the panchas will have to join Goa Forward to enable the party to form the panchayat. “Several persons have come up with proposals for establishing of panchayats,” he said.

Presently, the panel led by Sanzil D’Costa has the magic figure of 5 along with one panch ready to join hands with him. Sanzil also told that the first preference for being a sarpanch will be of Medini Naik. (H)

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