Fault repeated despite raps


Despite observations from the Goa Human Rights Commission that the authorities should not repeat incidents of delay in payment of salaries, employees of the South Goa Communidade had to again go without salaries for the last two months.
While government servants received their December salaries on the eve of Christmas, employees of the South Goa Communidade have not been paid salaries for the month of November and December.
Employees in private said the government authorities, including the district Collector, South ought to have paid their salaries on time in view of the observations made by the Goa Human Rights Commission.
Administrator of Communidades, Pravin Barad confirmed that the employees had to go without salaries for two months. He said the grant given by the government has already been utilized and his office has moved the government for funds to meet the salary requirements of the employees. District Collector N D Agrawal feigned ignorance about the non-payment of salaries to the Communidade staff, promising to find out the status from the Communidade Administrator. [H]