Faulty scales detected at wholesale fish market


A raid conducted by Legal Metrology officials at the Margao wholesale fish market detected around half-a-dozen faulty weighing scales.
Victims of the faulty scales accused the guilty fish sellers for indulging in day light robbery taking advantage of fish loving Goans. They contended that the raid on the wholesale fish market should not be an eyewash and demanded that the legal metrology officials conduct weekly routine raids to protect the interests of locals buying fish at the wholesale market.
A team of Legal metrology officials led by Assistant Controller, Prasad Shirodkar along with Inspector Arun Panchwadkar descended at the wholesale fish market on early Thursday morning following complaints of faulty weighing machines. The inspection revealed that half a dozen scales were faulty, while the team found that workers manning the scales were tampering with the scales, taking advantage of the innocence and honesty of the buyers. It came to light that two kg prawns purchased by a women were weighing 400 hundred grams less, leaving the consumers fuming, who demanded stern action against the guilty persons.
A victim of faulty scales, Melvyn Pereira welcomed the raids saying the wholesale fish sellers were indulging in day light robbery of innocent Goans. “I was a victim of the faulty scales, which had forced me to complain to the Legal Metrology officials. These raids should continue”, he demanded.
A Goan fish vendor Alice Fernandes supported the raids saying action against the wholesale fish sellers was long overdue.
When contacted, President of Margao Wholesale fish Association M Ibrahim said the legal metrology officials should clamp down on the illegal activity. “The issue of faulty scales will be discussed at the next meeting of the Association. We will not allow anyone to cheat the gullible buyers”, he asserted. [H]