Feast of Holy Cross at Panarim (Aldona)

The Feast of the Holy Cross at the Capela de Santa Cruz, at Panarim, Aldona on May 3, 1999 was a day to be remembered.

Preceeded by a Novena that was preached by Fr. Felix Mendes,M.S.F.S., the Director of the Fransalian Boarding House at Aldona. The the people woke up at the “Alvorada” by the traditional Brass Band Ambrosio and His Jolly Boys, that entertained the people throughout the morning.

The Solemn High Mass attended by a large number of people and concelebrated by several Priests, which included Diocesan, Fransalian Missionaries and Pilar Fathers, had Rev.Dr. Sergio Mascarenhas, S.F.X. as the Main Celebrant. Fr. Mascarenhas also preacher the homily and reminded the audience of the importance of an age-old tradition of building Crosses on important places and celebrating the feast with great piety and pomp.

alsd_altarThe Choir was composed of local singers who were led by the intrumentalists Rodney, Georgie, Merlin, Edgar and Franwin. The appropiate hymns sung with real gusto and devotion, helped the participants to pay in a proper athmosphere. Great faith and devotion was displayed during the procession and the kiss of the relic that followed the Mass.

The Feast was celebrated this year by Joaquim Fernandes and Family, Clara (Dominic) Fernandes and Family, Purificacao Rodrigues and family, Stephen D.Rodrigues and Famiy, Felicia Bibiana Fernandes and faily, Inacio Pacoal Fernandes and Family, Clara (Paul) Fernandes and famiy, Alex ferrao and Family, and Luis Ferrao and Family.

alsd_procession1Special mention is to be made of Miss Antoinette V.Fernandes, Remedios Alphonso and Thomas Alphono that formed the Chapel Committee and took pains to see that the celebration missed no lustre.

In the evening, the Village community enjoyed a hilarious drama “Dharar Mar” in Konkani, directod by Filipe Almeida.