Feast of ‘Mae de Deus’ Church at Saligao

This beautiful Gothic structure has been amidst us for the past 127 years. The foundation stone was laid on 7.2.1867. The chapel was raised to the status of parochial Church in 1873. The Church was blessed on 26.11.1873. The statue of Mother of God which is venerated at the side altar was brought from the extinct Convent of Mother of God from Daugim, Old Goa.

We have 9 days novena’s in honour of Our Lady. Each day’s novena is organised by a different ward of Saligão. At the end of the novena each day, small children dressed as angels dance before Our Lady and venerate her with flowers. The evening is vibrant with live entertainment everyday after the novena with either a band performing on the Band Stand of the Church or some items put up on the stage. This is enhanced with a spectacular fireworks display.

altarThe feast is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year in all it’s grandeur with a vibrant choir and ends with a procession in veneration of Our Lady invoking her blessings on the village of Saligão. There is the ‘Fair’ as usual with sweets, toys and refreshments throughout the day.

Every year on the feast of ‘Mae de Deus’, the Saligão Sporting Club have their traditional dance – ‘Foxes’ Nite’ which draws people from all over Goa and foreigners on holiday too. This dance is held on the Saligão Sporting ground next to the Mae de Deus Church which is beautifully lit up at night.

By Luiza de Mello