Feast of ‘Passion of Christ’ at Siridao

Feast of the
Passion of Christ

Siridao is a small village in Tiswadi, which rests on the Arabian Sea facing one side of the Mormugoa Port. On a hillock lies a chapel which was built by the Dominicans before 1604 and was later restored and enlarged in 1906 by Adv. Prudente Menezes. The chapel is popularly known as that of "Jesus of Nazareth". The chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Annunciation and is located at Nodre-vaddo in Siridao.

The feast is celebrated on the Sunday following Easter. This is a unique festivity which attracts more than 50,000 people from all over Goa, but mainly from South.

As people travel from far away places from morning, it is the courtesy of the Dempo family to provide 'rice gruel' (canji) with pickle.