Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use 100 gm butter beans ( rajma, harricot or lima beans)
Use 2 large Goa spicy sausages or more if desired
Use 1 onion
Use 1 tomato


Fejoada is Pungent gravy dish of sausage & dried beans
Wash the beans, boil and keep aside. Slice the onion and tomato finely and fry in a little pork fat or oil till onion turns brown.
Remove the skin from the sausages and fry the meat together with onion and tomato for a while, then add the beans, fry a little and add a cup of warm water. Salt may be added if necessary.
Allow to cook on slow fire for a few minutes till the gravy is quite thick. The taste of feijoada depends on the quality of the sausages, which should be spicy enough.