Fight breaks out in Apna Ghar

For some pent up reasons, Apna Ghar is still simmering with animosity even after an almost complete revamp of its staff, with juvenile inmates exploding on caretaker Minguel D’souza Tuesday.

The incident took place in the morning when the juveniles were heading for breakfast, the caretaker Minguel reportedly abused the boys and a 14-year-old boy pelted a stone on him.

In a controversial move, after a one-man inquiry, the Department of Women and Child Development instead of complete revamp had recently transferred Premila Fernandes e Menezes as the Superintendent-cum-Probationary Officer of Apna Ghar. Menezes was earlier suspended over frequent escapes of juveniles, and transferred to the department’s headquarters at St Inez just a couple of months ago, but was surprisingly re-instated later.

Apna Ghar is a potboiler of conflicts and several violations, right from juveniles being smuggled to gangsters for committing crimes, fights, sodomy, harassment, escapes and various issues related to the infrastructures. Somehow Department of Women and Child Development has either not paid serious attention to resolving these issues or is simply incapable of reforming the inmates. Director Sunil Masurkar was not available for comments.

Deputy Collector Levinson Martins, who was appointed by the government to investigate into the nexus, had submitted a report enlisting several recommendations. Out of six guilty caretakers, only one Videsh Mandrekar was suspended while the remaining caretakers are transferred to the department’s main office as part of the recommendations. But now it seems whatever corrective measures were initiated have not diminished the problems at Apna Ghar. [H]