Fireflies, magic, and music

The music video for ‘Pikki Pikki Kazule’ takes viewers on a wonderful journey through the forests as it strives to revive the love for fireflies, which are slowly going extinct, discovers NT BUZZ

Two years ago, Goan folk and musical troupe Goenchim Noketram released the audio CD of ‘Goa-Tuzo Mog Mhaka’. The album comprises of seven songs with varied rhythms and styles from different countries that the group had been invited to perform. Of these six are in Konkani and one song is in Portuguese and Spanish.

“Since the group had travelled to a number of countries, I tried to incorporate the rhythm of the countries that we had travelled to. The first song ‘Goa-Tuzo Mog Mhaka’ (title song) has a soca rhythm from Granada,” says troupe leader, Goenchim Noketram, Marianella Gina Dias.

The group has now come out with the music video for the second song from the album – ‘Piki-Piki Kazule’.

Done in reggae style, as a tribute to the Caribbean islands where they previously performed, the Konkani lyrics have been penned by Dias, who admits that she was fascinated with fireflies as a child. However, she says, it was only after a discussion with her colleagues that she realised that fireflies are on the verge of extinction. It was this discovery that prompted her to come out with the video of the song, aimed at creating awareness to protect this species, which are an essential part of the ecosystem.

The music video opens with a young girl walking in the golden grasslands, holding a music player in her hand. She listens to ‘Piki-Piki Kazule’, and as she enjoys the music, she is transported to a different land, walking in the rain by rivers, through forests and finally experiencing the magic of fireflies.

“We managed to capture real fireflies in the video which was shot in the forest during the monsoons,” says Dias, adding that the team shot at a forest in Mollem and in South Goa.

The song features the voices of each troupe member. The music has been composed by Mukesh Ghatwal, who incidentally has done the music for the entire album, while the videography and editing has been done by Patson Barbosa. In fact Barbosa also did the music video for their first song. The role of the young girl has been played by Sephera De Matos Sequeira. Dias now plans to come out with a video for each song on the album. [NT]