Fisherwomen yet to occupy new shed at Siolim


It is almost a month that a new net mending shed at Siolim Tar was built at a cost of Rs 1 core  supposedly for housing the fisherwomen who sit there, but even after so many days, the shed continues to remain vacant.
It was on February 10  with much fanfare the new net mending shed  built at Siolim Tar to house the fisherwomen was inaugurated.
Ironically, while he structure has been named as net mending shed it is quite surprising that it is meant to be used as a fish market.  
The fisherwomen  on the very next day of the  inauguration were told to sit in the shed but till date the shed is lying vacant.
Some fisherwomen,  who were contacted,  said that they were not quite happy with the way it has been built, but said that they would  move in the shed after a few days.
Some other fisherwomen said that this was a total faulty planning and not all fisherwomen would be able to sit inside and the customers would not want to come in as they would not be able to move freely and hence would prefer to buy fish from the fish vendors sitting out therefore those sitting in would be at a loss and therefore the fish vendors are divided over sitting in the shed.  [NT]