Flying squad stops hill cutting at Ambaji



 The Margao flying squad on Wednesday evening ordered a stop to alleged hill cutting at Ambaji-Fatorda.
Acting on a complaint lodged by local activists, the flying squad headed by Santosh Sattardekar descended at the spot and got the work stopped. He admitted that there’s cutting of the hill beyond six meters and said the activity is a clear cut violation of section 17-A of the Town and Country Planning Act.
However, the fly squad could not immediately seize the machinery working at the site and were waiting for the Margao police to initiate action. The squad told the representatives of the builder to come to the office with relevant documents pertaining to the cutting.
Meanwhile, activist Laurel Abranches lamented that the flying squad had no powers to seize the earth moving machinery and wondered whether the squad is of any use when they have no powers to even seize the machinery. “When we called the flying squad, they came to the spot after around 45 minutes. However, they expressed their inability to seize the machinery when asked to do so. Are these flying squads really fulfilling their objective?” Abranches questioned and demanded to know and demanded action against the concerned builder for the hill cutting activity.  [H]