Football coaches cry foul over results


 With just five candidates out of 24 being declared passed at the AFC’s C-Licence certificate course organized by AIFF and conducted by GFA at Fatorda last September, those who did not get through sought an explanation from the GFA for such a dismal result, Wednesday. “Never before the pass percentage for such courses conducted in Goa has been just 21 per cent. It was the other way round all this time. As such, we are perplexed and have converged at the GFA to seek an explanation for such a dismal result,” stated former junior national football gold medalist Trevor Paiva, who also donned colours for Goa at university level (Bombay and Goa) and even played for the Customs football team in his young days. No doubt, he is well qualified.
“Most of those who underwent training at Fatorda from September 10-22 last under coaches Robert Baan (chief instructor), D Scott,  Savio Medeira, Marcus Pacheco and Francisco Bruto da Costa as instructors find something fishy about the results as most of those who attended the course were holding the D- Licence and as such very familiar with the syllabus. Take my own case – I’ve done very well in theory and even in the practicals as I had to be tested on goalkeeping which is my forte, and yet, I am not among those five who have been declared successful,” pointed out Trevor.
“We have nothing personal against the five who have go through, although some of them leave much to be desired – Roque Barreto, Freddy Gomez, Janisa Rodigues, Selvin Fernandes and Shaym Gawli – but what about the rest 18,” queried Trevor.
“Right from the very start of the course, the two foreign coaches were very critical of the Goan trainees. Then, some of those who have passed have affiliation to a particular club since some of them are coaching their teams and, hence the doubts about the genuiness and accuracy of the testing norms. We need to know the marks obtained in theory (three tests), practicals (three tests), specific and general examination so that it helps us to know where we stand exactly and also to eliminate any doubt that there was partiality in the evaluation system,” commented some of the others who were not successful.
Sebastiao Furtado, Agostinho da Costa, Menino Afonso, Gajanan Chodankar, Nazario Coutinho, Roque Estibeiro, Ryan Cardoso, Savio Vaz, Melwyn Rodrigues, Purshottam Mapari, Rupesh Kamat, Alan Nazareth besides Trevor stressed they have good competency levels since they have been associated with junior football teams and are coaching on regular basis with whatever matter the Goa coaches imparted to them at D-Licence courses organized by GFA in the past. “Many of us are even better than those who have passed and hence our doubts which have to be cleared by giving us the statement of marks,” they stressed.
With the Goa Football Development Council (GFDC) recruiting coaches for their centres at Valpoi and Sulcorna and several more needed for other centres which are expected to come up in future, the D-Licence coaches feel that their chances to get the job are not so bright, though all of them are confident of doing a fine job, more so as they were called for interviews and even undergone training subsequently under the young GFDC technical director. “The results are a big disincentive to our learning process. We are disheartened also that results took nearly four months to be declared.”
“The course was not conducted by the GFA and as such the mark-sheets cannot be provided by us,” stated acting secretary Alvaro F F Pinho, who met the trainees at the headquarters, here.
“We will get in touch with the AIFF to find out if mark-sheets can be provided. If they have failed, they will have to try next time,” remarked Pinho. [H]