…for crackdown on smoking


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday said that smoking is an offence in public places in Goa and urged the police department to crack down on offenders in this area.
He said, “A message should go out loud and clear that smoking is an offence and people should be fined if found breaking the law.”
Parrikar cited an example of a VIP smoking at the inaugural venue of the recently held IFFI–Goa 2012.
“I asked the police on duty there to direct the person to extinguish the cigarette or be fined instantly.”
He asked the police department to start the drive in the next two-to-three months.
SUNBURN: Parrikar said he did not see any harm in permitting the event provided it did not violate the provisions of the law.
He said that the file had been moved to him and that he had ‘in principle’ given the consent.
Replying to media queries, the chief minister said that there would be strict control on sound pollution and music would not be allowed beyond 10 pm. As far as likelihood of drugs being circulated at the venue, he said, this will be stringently checked by the police.
“Any violation would result in cancellation of the licence,” said the chief minister. [H]