Foreigners urge govt to tackle nuisance on beaches

International tourists frequenting Calangute beach have urged authorities to take action against those causing nuisance on the beach.

Speaking to Herald, a tourist from Netherlands was upset when some tourists threw an empty broken beer bottle and even confronted them about their action.

“I used to come to Goa because Goans are lovely, very friendly, tidy and caring people. But of late, the beach is being spoilt by unruly tourists who drink and throw away empty bottles in the water as it could pose a serious problem to other tourists” said the tourist Danny.

“My friend and I were swimming when a group of tourists drank beer and threw an empty bottle. I questioned their behaviour and asked them if they would do the same in their homes. They did not bother and instead, were very arrogant,” he said.

“The broken empty bottle could easily have injured someone. Authorities should do something about such tourists who create a nuisance. The government must prevent such incidents on the beach or else, Goa will lose international tourists,” added Danny. [H]