Forget the bygone year, not the lessons


The new year has begun and the world has bid goodbye to an year that was not good by almost any yardstick of measurement. Protests across India against rape laws and Government inaction hogged limelight during the last week of the year 2012. It is likely to witness momentum in the coming days, too.

Nothing much happened in the first three quarters of the last year in Indian policy-making or taking fresh initiatives to tackle twin problems of rising inflation and slowing GDP growth. It is only towards the end of the last quarter that some sense of urgency has crept into the ruling class and the Government. After a long hiatus, the Parliament has started functioning and has taken up the work of legislating with or with out debate. The deviation is discernible from the time the Finance Minister, Mr Pranb Mukherjee was elevated to the post of Presidency. Back in action, the new FM, Mr Chidambaram, quickly assumed control and teamed up with his old colleague PM to usher in a few reforms.