Formal unveiling of EDC Patto complex at last


 Work at Patto Plaza in Panaji that seemed like an unending affair with the roads constantly in a dug up state and debris strewn over the place is finally over, announced EDC vice chairman, Mr Santosh Kenkre.
Promising no more diggings in the future, Mr Kenkre said that although actual usage of the facilities began a few days back, from February 1 2013onwards, a formal unveiling of the redeveloped complex, with new infrastructure is scheduled for Thursday by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar.  The cost of redevelopment he said was approximately Rs 15 crore and it was on contemporary lines such as pay parking, pedestrian friendly roads, modern street lights and clean toilet facilities.
  The only work that now remains, Mr Kenkre said is “Extension of the 25-meter wide approach road that encircles the complex, from the highway (near the entrance to the KTC bus stand) to a new bridge connecting to Mala.”
  Pointing out that Panaji being the capital city with offices located in it needed a better entrance; Mr Kenkre said that the government has plans for a Capital Entrance Zone (CEZ,) for improving the area between New Patto Bridge and the city. A task force committee has been set up for construction of the CEZ with the EDC as the nodal agency for it.
 However, work of the task force committee is at a preliminary stage as yet and costing or the time frame for completion of the CEZ has yet to be finalized. The vice chairman also promised similar business complexes like that of Patto Plaza in other areas of the state by the EDC.
  The re-developed Patto complex covers an area of 1.87 lakh sq mtrs with 44 plots and 37 buildings. Mr Santosh Bhatt, managing director said that all the plots are allotted and the only plot where the owners have asked time for construction is that of DLF Developers, a Delhi-based company. Further post redevelopment the rate at the complex has shot up to Rs 1 lakh per sq mtr.  
  Speaking to the press, Mr Rahul Deshpande architect to Patto redevelopment said that actual work began three years back and the challenge was working on a non-virgin project with working offices in the area. He added that pavers have been placed strategically over drains and pipe outlets so as to avoid opening up of the whole road in the future by different government agencies like PWD.
  The new Patto complex has 154 trees and EDC officials said that old trees that had to be uprooted were ultimately replaced by more trees. The maintenance cost would be borne by EDC while pay parking project has been assigned to private agency via tender. [NT]