Four mishaps in as many days near Siolim bridge


Four accidents were reported in as many days at Agarwada, near the Siolim bridge, injuring 10 persons and badly damaging six vehicles. 
This stretch of the road is in a very bad shape and has not been repaired or hot mixed since it was built in 2003-2004. Locals have demanded urgent repairs of the road. 
On Wednesday, a passenger bus met with a head-on collision with an oncoming truck at Agarwada junction at about 2.30pm. Four persons were injured and were shifted to the north Goa district hospital at Peddem in Mapusa for medical treatment. 
Both the vehicles were badly damaged in the accident. After police intervention, the road traffic was cleared after two hours. 
On the same day at about 8.30pm there was another head on collision on the same stretch of road between a van and a car injuring both the drivers. 
On February 3, a picnic bus crashed into a hotel before knocking down a fence and crashing into a tree. The occupants of the bus suffered minor injuries. On February 4, there was collision between two trucks near the primary school at Agarwada. [TOI]