Furnish valid IDs for migrants, demands NGO


A day after Margao police nabbed three migrants accused in the sodomy case at the old railway station, here, women’s NGO Bailancho Ekvott has demanded that the government ensure valid identity for migrants during their stay in the state.
Bailancho Ekvott president Auda Viegas further demanded that pavements, bus stands and shelters, gardens and commercial establishments should be kept out of bounds of dwellers, while further demanding externment from the state for child abusers. “Each case of child abuse should be well documented and made available to law colleges, civil societies and other well-meaning persons to analyse the causes of these abuses to enable to plug the loopholes and ensure convictions,” Auda demanded.
She said the authorities should hold responsible owners for use of their premises for criminal activities, especially lying in a dilapidated condition, incomplete construction or those lying unused.  [H]