Gadgil lashes out at govt over distortion of report

Eminent Ecologist, Madhav Gadgil, who headed the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP), hit out at the government for trying to distort the report prepared by the respected panel, saying that the government was doing it in order to generate opposition among the state’s populace against the report. 
The Gadgil led panel, which had filed an extensive report on the Western Ghats, saw the detailed report being questioned by the Goa government. 
“The state government is claiming that the WGEEP had not consulted people. On the contrary we have held an extensive process of consultations with people on the issue. But they are giving the assumption that the WGEEP is imposing on the people. We expect the government to take the recommendations of the panel to the people, get their feedback and take democratic decisions,” Gadgil said. 
“The government has rejected a distorted version of the report. They distorted it to look as if the government is putting restriction on the people,” Gadgil said. 
After addressing the press, Gadgil gave a lecture on the issue of environmental governance, at the Institute Menezes Braganza. “It is unfortunate that today the courts have become the agency of protecting the environment because of the failure of the judiciary. This is actually the function of the executive,” Gadgil said as he hit out at the entire economic model that is followed in the country that has made some people obscenely rich, whom he called rent seekers and the rest poor. 
He also spoke about the economic value of the unorganised sector which was not even quantified yet. [H]