Ganesh Chathurti Greetings 2012

Ganesh Chathurti Greetings 2012. Chovoth or Ganesh Chathurti is a grand festival which signs off the Monsoon annually in Goa, India. For Goa's Hindu community it is the grandest and most colourful among all their feasts. Its imbued in nature, from where comes the clay to mould the artistic image of Lord Ganesha. Nature's seasonal bounty – flowers, fruits and vegetables – surrounds the Lord's ornate seat. After one-and-a-half day of fervent festivity – prayers, artis, bhajans, fugddi dance, music and delicious sweets including the neureo – the beautiful image is taken in a grand procession with music, dance and fireworks, and immersed solemnly in a well, lake, river or sea. The image is installed with a puja to start the celebrations and the utar puja which returns the Lord to clay again before the immersion. (Photo Courtesy By Joel D'souza)