Garbage disposal issue generates heat at MMC meet


Heated discussion was witnessed at the bi-monthly meeting of Margao Municipal Council (MMC), held on Tuesday, on the  issue of garbage disposal.

While the councilors, including the vice chairperson, Ms Pratima Coutinho accused market inspector of allegedly accepting illegal hotel waste at the Sonsoddo waste dump even though the hoteliers  from Salcete did not pay the MMC for the last  2 years, market  inspector and other officials denied such allegations saying that the fees are normally paid at the time of  renewal of the licences. The councilors resolved not to accept any hotel waste at the Sonsoddo plant.
“We  will  write to the  hoteliers to pay the pending charges and if they  refuse, we would  suggest to disconnect their water and electricity connections,’’ assured the chairperson, Mr Arthur D’Silva while  pacifying the  vociferous  councilors.  
Ms Coutinho gave a  vehicle number to the chairperson and informed that she noticed this particular vehicle bringing in the hotel waste and dumping it in her  ward.
“When asked the vehicle driver replied stating that “there is a setting done with the MMC,”” she added.
She demanded to know what setting MMC officials have with the  hotel  waste lifting contractors. 
A three-time councilor, Mr Sadanand Naik alleged that market inspector of the MMC is not doing his duty meticulously and hence  waste is not regularly collected. [NT]