Garbage fumes’ witnessed across Ponda


Lack of garbage awareness, disposal and improper garbage management has caused the practice of burning garbage in open spaces in several places across Ponda taluka
Garbage management and disposal has become a major problem in the State and some have now resorted to controversial and hazardous methods to eliminate the accumulated garbage. 
While the Canacona Municipal Council (CMC) has been accused of burning its garbage at the garbage treatment plant, the practice of burning garbage in open spaces has also become a common sight in several places across Ponda taluka.
Since the last several days, garbage is being burnt along the NH-4A bypass at Mardol in Veling-Priol-Cuncollim panchayat. It is learnt that the contractor, who has been assigned the task to collect garbage from the Panchayat jurisdiction, dumps waste in the pit and sets it on fire. 
The Panchayat has now decided to change the contractor to collect garbage, after Panchayat received complaints from residents against the garbage contractor.
“From April this year, the contract to collect garbage from the panchayat jurisdiction will be given to a different contractor. The new contractor will be asked to utilise the space identified by the Panchayat to systematically dispose off the accumulated garbage,” said Veling-Priol-Cuncolim Sarpanch Damodar Naik told herald.
“There were complaints from residents regarding the burning of waste along the bypass road at Mardol. Some hotels were also dumping garbage along the route and the waste was then set on fire. On many occasions since the last 15 days, we have sprayed water to douse the fire,” Naik added.
Similar is the situation in Curti-Khandepar village. The garbage point near the sports complex at Curti along the NH-4A is a regular spot where miscreants set ablaze the waste. There are even some garbage spots in Haveli were plastic waste is burnt. 
“There is a need to have more awareness drives to educate people on garbage management. We have already asked panchas to request residents not to burn plastic waste and we will introduce a house-to-house awareness drive on garbage management”, Curti-Khandepar Panchayat Sarpanch Deepa Naik told Herald. 
“At various panchayat functions, we have requested villagers not to burn plastic waste. We have asked them to store plastic waste in their houses and this will be collected in a drive recently undertaken by the PWD. Even after doing so much, there are various instances where we come across burning of plastic,” informed Deepa Naik.
It may be recalled that last year Indian Medical Association (IMA), Ponda, had submitted a memorandum to the PMC after the council had failed to collect and dispose garbage from the city. The IMA had also urged the PMC to keep a check on burning of plastic waste as the toxic fumes are cancerous and also causes various ailments. [H]