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Gaskart Logistics launches LPG gas cylinder in Goa

Panaji: Supreme Industries, India’s largest plastic product manufacturer and IndoGas, a private sector LPG bottling plant, have partnered to launch Gaskart Logistics, a premier innovator in creative and logistics management.
Gaskart Logistics, for the first time in India, has introduced the composite LPG Refill Cylinder, the next generation consumer LPG gas cylinder. The composite LPG Refill Cylinder is a specially fabricated, specially graded, high density plastic cylinder that is heat, fire, explosive and UV resistant and is exclusively manufactured for household cooking.
The composite refill cylinder enables the consumer to clearly view the quantitative level of LPG through a cluster of specially constructed translucent viewing material. This composite refill cylinder is light weight, compact, tough and easily transportable; it is also rust and moisture free and totally safe in the kitchen. The composite cylinder comes in four flamboyant attractive colors: green, blue, yellow and grey to give that healthy vibrant look to the kitchen. The cylinders come in three size categories: 5Kg, 10 Kg and 12 Kg.
The composite refill LPG cylinder can be ordered by the consumer through the e-commerce website: Just Pick n Shop. The cylinder will be delivered within 24 hours by trained field staff. There will be no limits as to the quantitative order of the composite cylinders; the customer can increase or decrease the usage of LPG cooking gas as per his household circumstances.
Gaskart Logistics has chosen Goa to be the first launch city of the LPG Refill Cylinder.  (H)

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