GCCI urges govt to support Medical Tourism


The Goa Chamber for Commerce and Industry has urged Goa government to prop Medical Tourism as an industry and draw up a road map for its development through charters and free independent travellers.

GCCI President Manguirish Pai Raikar said, “Goa has a good number of health care providers, who like the hoteliers, can get together to tap international markets for the purpose of medical tourism.”

The industry strongly believes that the government draft a plan by taking all stakeholders into confidence. Tourists from East Europe, Gulf and African countries could be the target groups and facilities such as cosmetic surgery, joint replacements, cardiac procedures, eye surgeries, medical check up packages and rehabilitation of patients requiring long term treatment could be offered to these groups according to Dr Deep Bhandare.

Giving some inputs himself Raikar flagged three issues that needs to be dealt with before medical tourism is promoted by Goa ~ registration of all nursing homes/hospitals who wish to be a part of this medical tourism industry; bringing all facilities under one roof by registered hospitals and nursing homes; and getting accreditation from National Health Board-UK which is a pre-requisite for medical tourism especially as tourists have medi-claim.

Raikar also said that once registered and accredited, all hospitals and nursing homes/ clinics would need to have tariff cards of their fees, charges etc.

It was also mooted that the Medical Council of India could have a regulatory body in Goa to check all unscrupulous elements working against the interests of genuine medical practitioners, a problem that is predominant in coastal areas. [H]