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Getting fit with the best in Zumba

You know the craze for Zumba has reached new heights when internationally known Zumba presenters include Goa in their nationwide tours.International Zumba icon Maria Browning, a Zumba presenter from Miami,is joining Zumba Global Brand Ambassador Sucheta Pal from India and Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) Joseph Dias to conduct a Zumba fitness masterclass today, July 12, 2017,at Don Bosco, Panjim from 6pm to 8pm.A certified Zumba Fitness Instructor (ZIN)since the last few years, Joseph recently became the only Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) from Goa,authorised to train and certify others.Maria Browning, a pioneer of the Aqua Zumba Fitness Program,has played an integral role in the Zumba Fitness Educational Department, by travelling the world to perform Master Classes, teaching Zumba Fitness specialties, and licensing new and existing Zumba Fitness instructors. Maria has trained over 35,000 instructors worldwide, choreographed and performed in 11 Zumba Fitness DVDs, and performed in fitness concerts alongside well known singers such as Pitbull and Wyclef Jean.
“I am happy to be in Goa as the place is completely relaxing and I feel like I’m breathing. I am super excited about introducing Zumba Global Brand Ambassador and Zumba Education Specialist. I have trained Sucheta for five years in the US and I have seen her
build upthe brand in India with such great success. I have been mentoring her for a long time,” says Maria, who develops new programs to help instructors grow as professionals.
Sucheta Pal is the first Indian to be the Zumba Global Brand Ambassador and has trained 3,500 Zumba instructors over four and a half years. Awarded by Zumba Miami as a brand ambassador for Zumba in 2016, she was also chosen by Zumba International to lead the TV series called‘Zoom Zumba Dance Fitness Party’(season 1 and 2). Sucheta,who is also expanding her Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) team to ten, has invited her mentor,
Maria Browning,for the one of a kind Zumba India tour,teaching master classes across eight cities. “I have been travelling to Goa for the past five years to train and for licensing across India. Zumba is catching up in Goa and there are many trainers here,which goes to show that there are many participants who are getting fit with Zumba,” says Sucheta. As part of this tour curated by Sucheta,she and Maria, along with the ten Zumba education specialists of India,will travel to Mumbai, Kochi, Bengaluru, Goa, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Kolkata and Pune where they will be sharing their Zumba moves with fitness enthusiasts of India,before heading off to the Annual Zumba Convention that is being held in Orlando
, Florida in the US, this month.
“We have been to Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore and now Goa and we have four more cities to go to. In some metro cities,Zumba has been a huge buzz while Goa is picking up pace. The place itself is very energetic and the music is international in Goa. We are expecting at least 500 participants at the event as there has been a lot of demand for Zumba in Goa. The session is open to all and anyone,whether they are instructors or attending their Zumba session,can come. There is no age limit,” says Sucheta.Speaking about the music to which Maria is currently grooving her Zumba training to, she excitedly says, “I am dancing to Bollywood music and even though I come from South America, I am enjoying Bollywood and its music. The Zumba session in Goa will have all the rhythms and three Zumba instructors on stage with a huge range of music.”[H]

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