Getting Married -Editorial

ear Reader,

Congratulations! You’re Getting Married!

And congratulations too on getting the first book of its kind in Goa, a companion that will take you by the hand and help you over the many hurdles that lie in your rose-strewn path before you reach that wonderful moment, your wedding day.

For while marriages are made in heaven, wedding arrangements are made right here on terra firma. There are so many things to see to, so many things you don’t have a clue about.

Choices to be made: Spouse, of course!

Dates & timing: 365 days to choose from, 24 hours to each day. Some auspicious, some not.

And your honeymoon: the moon’s out, so what’s next best for you?

And then there are clothes to be made and decorations to be ordered… and food… and drink… and oh, help, you forgot the car and there’s no fairy about to turn the pumpkin into a glass coach!

And as the day approaches you find yourself getting bogged down with the formalities: legal, religious, traditional… Love’s enough for you, but did you know you’ve just made a faux pas that’s blown a hole in the social fabric?

And the day draws even closer… and suddenly a lifetime seems very long indeed… and your ignorance even vaster! You run to a bookstore for help… but what do you buy?

You’re wearing a perpetual frown by now; you never knew weddings were such serious business… relax… there’s a lighter side to them!

…And now it’s all done! You’ve made the perfect choices… all thanks to

G e t t i n g M a r r i e d, the complete wedding guide.

But… you scribbled everything on tiny bits of paper and now they’ve all been swept away? Why, oh why didn’t you use our Checklists? There’s one for each community… plus budgets. And our budget checklist keeps count of your pennies even as you count your blessings!

So, just jump aboard and let’s go… on a magical mystery tour of Wedding Plan Land!

  Melanie Sequeira