Ghodemodni performed at Bordem


The popular Ghodemodni folk dance was performed at Bordem-Bicholim on Friday. Four persons fastened inside hobby-horse below their waists and brandishing swords executed this  warlike dance to the beat of the Dholak and Tasha. The dance started from the Shantadurga High School and ended at Bordem-Bicholim.
A large number of people from in and around Bicholim thronged the streets to witness this dance, which  is also a part of the Shigmo festivities.
According to locals, this folk dance traces its origins to the period when kings would reward people according to their abilities and position in society.
The king always travelled by elephants or palanquins and his soldiers travelled by horse. 
Brave soldiers would be rewarded in the form of special clothes and these soldiers would celebrate this occasion clad in these royal clothes by taking a round in the village on horseback. It is believed that the 
Ghodemodni might have come into existence during this time. [H]