GIM launches placement exercise careers for its graduating students

Sanquelim, 26th December 2012; Goa Institute of Management launched its traditional placement process earlier this month for its 2011-13 batch of students.  Of the 240 students who will be placed before they graduate in March 2013, a large proportion have already secured firm placements and the remainder are in the process of getting firm placements before they graduate at the annual convocation.

The President and CEO of the Institute Prof. P.F.X. D' Lima said “Two years at GIM is the final formal education for most of our students. Our aim is to identify good graduates, incentivize the best amongst them through scholarships and to convert them into Global Managers, They get an all round training to equip them to handle a wide variety of issues that could arise not only in their work place but also in the world around them. Although, GIM graduates learn to focus on their work, use their personal strengths and most important their values and ethics, they also learn to live life with proper balance and an understanding that the social environment around them has to be upgraded if the GDP of the state and the nation has to be enhanced.”
Speaking about the placements, Aarti Jingon who had been one of 30 students across the country selected for Hindustan Unilever’s workshop on Leadership said "I am happy with the end of placement tensions.  My pre GIM experience was in Tata Motors, my summer training was also there and they have made me a pre-placement offer. I will always remember my very pleasant experiences at GIM.”
Vanessa Ferrao was pleased with her job offer and placement in her home town and looking forward to her assignment there. Her view is that GIM has not only imparted knowledge but also raised her level of self confidence and she would take this into her new workplace.
Navtej Lamba, a member of the Student Advisory Council said that placement at GIM, with 50 corporate and 240 students looking for a perfect match, each with their own preferences and available choices, was an exhilarating process. The challenge as a graduating student is to win while competing with MBAs across the country, impress the recruiter with one’s personality, showcase the knowledge acquired and demonstrate the ability to add value in a real life situation.
Commenting on imparting knowledge to tackle real life challenge, Prof. C.M Ramesh says “After learning fundamentals concepts, student take up electives from functional areas of their choice and integrate their learnings and apply to simulated business situations.  This year our students team stood third in an international competition and this testimony of integrative learning.”
Says Prof. Tarun Pasricha, Chairman Placement "Despite the slowing of India’s GDP growth, our recruiters have kept faith in GIM and we added many new recruiters this year. We have already placed 75% of those who had opted for placement and feel confident that with signs of the pickup in the economy, it should be possible to get almost every one placed before they graduate.”
Large numbers of students at GIM as also at other management schools who have prior work experience seriously consider whether the interruption of 2 years in their work life gives the desired ROI. One of the bright first year students Donna Gomes said she had applied to GIM four years ago but had at that time been told that she should come back with some more work experience. Now that she had that experience, she had offers from several management institutes but preferred GIM for the great all round education. Looking at the placement for her seniors Donna is absolutely confident of getting a job of her liking.
Buzz of activity of corporate visits at GIM has given way to celebrations and a sense of achievement.
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