GMC waste disposal, sewage under scanner


The operations of Goa Medical College and Hospital at Bambolim vis-à-vis its sewage disposal and waste management have once again come under the scanner on the heels of complaints by the local MLA and panchayat body, forcing the Goa State Pollution Board to schedule an inspection to ‘look into’ people’s grievances.
The board had earlier issued notices to the state’s premier health institution for alleged burning of waste. “We had written a letter to the Dean after it became an issue at a recent gram sabha,” sarpanch of Curca Ganeshyam told media on Tuesday. 
“They are letting the sewage water out into the open and not using their sewage plant. The water is flowing into the fields and affecting the houses,” he said. Ganshyam also complained that garbage was being burnt in the open. 
However GMC officials while not rubbishing the allegations that water could be percolating down, deny that it is sewage water or that it is harmful and say that the garbage that is being burnt is not their garbage. “I am not denying that it overflows,” says Dean, Dr V N Jindal but hastens to add, “It (the water) is safe.”
Saying that the GMC has a state-of-the-art ‘modern’ sewage plant, the Dean stresses that the water is tested and found to be safe before it is used for horticulture by the GMC. “We have a large soak-pit. The plant has been built by GSIDC. Water might have flowed down but it is not infected,” he says.
On the garbage burning issue – a point that has come up many times in the past, the Dean says that they have a hydro-clave and an incinerator to take care of their bio-medical waste and that the garbage that is burnt outside – he does not deny that garbage is being burnt – is from the kiosks that line the road to the Hospital entrance.
“The garbage generated from here used to be dumped at a large quarry but this is getting full so now may be it is being burnt,” he admits.
Pollution board officials say that they would look into the matter after the same was highlighted by the media recently. [H]