GMPF march on Dec 18

The mining-dependent people under the banner of Goa Mining Peoples’ Front (GMPF) has decided to march in Capital City on December 18, demanding immediate resumption of legal mining in Goa. 

Speaking to media persons on Saturday, Goa Mining Peoples’ Front  convenor Adv Suhaas Naik said that in order to safeguard the livelihood of thousands of mining-dependent people, the GMPF has called upon people to march in large numbers in Panjim on Tuesday, next week.
Naik said that one-sided recommendations submitted by the CEC to the SC, have in one stroke ensured that thousands of mining-dependent people are condemned to a life of misery and suffering. 
GMPF, which has also filed an intervention application in SC demanding resumption of legal mining, pointed out that of that nearly 20 constituencies in Goa have been adversely affected by the current mining ban. They also said that more than 60 thousand jobs of mine workers and others are on the verge of being dispossessed. “These workers are forced to come on streets demanding job security and assurance. Our only strong demand is to start operations of legal mining immediately,” he said. 
Naik said that the mining operations in the State must start immediately by maintaining a fine balance between the maintenance of livelihood of the people, the socio-economic development of the state and protection of environment. 
“We appeal SC to issue suitable directions to the State government to start legal mining operations on a sustainable and scientific manner,” he added.  [H]