Go Green Goa

Let us change our attitude
Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."
Let us start with ourselves first.
When we want to dispose of an unwanted product what do we do?
Do we dispose of it in a manner that displays good civic sense and duty?
Or do we just chuck it away – anywhere?
I have seen many of us just dispose of garbage by just letting it just fall to the ground near their feet – even if there is a garbage disposal bin close by.
Why do I lack a simple sense of civic discipline?
Why do I have to expect you to have to step over the garbage that I have carelessly disposed of?
The problem lies with me. I have grown blind to the issue of garbage around us.
As long as I have had my pleasure I will let the next person fend for himself/herself.
No, of course not.
These attitudes that I share with most of my countrymen will take a long time to change.
Sometimes these attidues get modified only if something bad happens or has happened.
Like an illness or a plague.
Should we wait until then?
Why not try to change ourselves first by being conscious of our own behaviour.
Let us try and inculcate in ourselves a sense of civic pride.
Let us try and keep our local environment clean.
Perhaps our neighbours might try and imitate us and thereby spread this sense of civic pride.
I will definitely try hard to do my part.
Will you?