Goa Board to expand scope of science subjects for class IX, X

Panaji: Forty four years after its establishment, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) will expand the scope of the science subjects taught to the students of class IX and X, by moving the customary physics, chemistry and biology subjects under ‘Science and Technology’ subject.

The particular decision was taken by the academic council of the Goa Board during its meeting, held on August 19.

The GBSHSE sources informed that the particular decision would be implemented in a phase-wise manner from the academic year 2020-2021, that is during the academic year 2020-2021, the Science and Technology subject would be introduced to class IX, while in the academic year after that it would be implemented for class X.

“Such a subject exists in the schools from Maharashtra since past four-five years,” the sources maintained, adding that the decision would now allow addition of various aspects of science such as solar energy, astronomy, robotics, latest mobile (phone) inventions, bio-technology and so on to the newly proposed subject.

“The Board of Studies of the Goa Board has already started working on various annexure to be added to this subject, for class IX as well as class X,” they noted, pointing out that these annexure to Science and Technology, would include short notes on different features of the modern science and technology,

Meanwhile, in another decision, the academic council of the Goa Board decided to put a stop to the increasing trend among class XI and class XII science stream students, as regards changing their basic academic subjects namely Physics-Chemistry-Biology (PCB) and Physics-Chemistry-Maths (PCM) to non- academic/ non-science subjects like languages.

The Goa Board sources stated, it has been observed that many of the students who fail at either class XI or class XII examinations, change their basic academic subjects and then clear their respective exams with non-academic/ non-science subjects, under the science stream. “This is unacceptable, and if the science stream higher secondary students want to give up studying PCB or PCM subjects, then they would henceforth have to change their stream from science to arts,” they added.

Therefore, henceforth the science stream class XI and class XII students will have to compulsorily answer their exams with three basic subjects – PCB or PCM – along with a fourth subject and two language subjects.

“The decision will be implemented from next academic year,” it was informed.

The academic council of the Goa Board also decided to refer to a sub-committee, the matter pertaining to an approval to the proposal to allow class IX and class XI students to answer the June supplementary examination, irrespective of in how many subjects they had failed in the respective final exams.

Earlier, only those students were allowed to appear for supplementary exams who had failed in one or two subjects. The heads of the secondary and higher secondary schools had opposed this arrangement.

The final decision on the particular matter would be based on the report presented by this sub-committee. [NT]