Goa can become a model state: Scientist

Asserting that Goa enjoys all the capabilities of becoming a model state, eminent scientist Dr Raghunath Mashelkar on Sunday said that Goa can march ahead of India since it enjoys high rate of literacy, English speaking ability and people understanding the importance of education.
“With its high GDP and capabilities, Goans should say what Goa does today, India does tomorrow. Education, research, innovation will lead Goa”, he said, while addressing a gathering at the Gomant Vidya Niketan here on Sunday.
Dr Mashelkar along with five others, including eminent musician Anthony Gonsalves (Posthumously) were felicitated with honorary membership of the Gomant Vidya Niketan.
Dr Mashelkar, who is the architect of Goa Vision 2035 document, exuded confidence that the recommendations can be achieved by 2025 with the government showing great interest in its implementation. “I had discussions with the Chief Minister of Goa on the Vision document. I can say with confidence that Goa can achieve the targets by 2025 instead of 2035”, he said.
Saying that Goa has understood the importance of education, Dr Mashelkar said the most powerful equation today in the works is education and future. “Without education, there cannot by any future. Goa is enjoying an advantage over other states because of its culture and other aspects”, he said, adding “without education, we cannot see a new India”.
Dr Mashelkar said that Goa needs to look beyond Tourism and Mining, adding “we should see how Goa University becomes a world class university. This is going to be a competitive world. We are an open society. We can achieve this objective with an open mind”.
He predicted that democracy, demography and diversity will take India to greater heights and did not agree that China will lead the world in the near future. [H]