Goa CM unhappy with Budget


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar termed the union budget as a statement of facts and hopes. He also said that it is an unrealistic budget. 
Parrikar also said that there is nothing in the budget for the state of Goa. 
"There is nothing in the budget; borrowing is shown very high. Around 6 lakh crore is shown as borrowing out of 15 lakh crore expenditure," Parrikar said. 
Further commenting on the budget, he recalled that the last time, in the budget speech, it was said that the fiscal deficit would be less, but finally it has crossed 5%, and in this budget, they are projecting 4.8 %, which means it will cross 5.5 %,-"which means inflation"- Parrikar added. He also said that the Union government is relying on stocks and government assets for revenue generation, which many not be feasible as there is no momentum to the growth. 
"The selling of government shares to raise liquidity will not be so easy because the government has already sold premium public sector units", Parrikar said. [TOI]